Design-Build Advantage

What is the Design-Build Method?
The Design-Build method ties together the professional design services and the professional construction service into one company, providing greater continuity of service. With only one company responsible for the entire project, there is only one individual accountable for the project and there are fewer gaps in communication. There is no uncertainty in who to call. The design process, budget procedures and construction are more integrated resulting in a successful project and happy home owners. The joining of the design and construction functions can save time and money. By using the Design-Build approach, many of the questions that would otherwise come up during construction are dealt with before the project is started.

How is a budget determined?
As the homeowner, you have the ultimate control of the total budget and your priorities drive the project. We will consider your space needs, building and zoning code requirements and any other factors, and combine these elements to create a pleasing and structurally sound design. The cost of any project is affected by the choices made during the design of the building, the final product selection, selection of the proper subcontractors and interior design options. As an experienced Design-Build company, we know what products work best in which application and the long term value. By selecting the correct products to fit your design vision can help establish a realistic schedule. The actual cost of the project is not only the initial cost, but also the ongoing cost to heat and cool and maintain the building. We encourage high performance energy efficient specifications and promote using sustainable products.

How are subcontractors selected?
We work with many of the trade contractors in the area. The Design-Build process works best as a team approach with the homeowner, the Design-Build contractor, and all the trade contractors as team members. The overall work scope of the project may help determine who are the best contractors to be part of the team. Price is not the most important criteria for selecting trade contractors, all trade contractors are licensed and insured to be part of the team and they must possess the proper skills and have adequate manpower to complete the project on schedule. We try to get the mechanical trade contractors involved in the preliminary design phase to insure the building is designed as a complete system rather than separate components.

What can EverGreen Design-Build do to help my project?
EverGreen Design-Build is prepared to design a new or remodeled space to boost your home’s comfort, livability, energy efficiency and functionality. We ensure your design is compatible with the existing structure, your building site, your neighborhood and your lifestyle. We look at special consideration such as preserving a scenic view, designing for accessibility and providing designs for multi-generation families. If we are working with existing buildings, we will correct or compensate for design or structural deficiencies.

EverGreen Design-Build is a member of the local, state and national homebuilder's associations.