Home Performace

Our homes are our single largest investment we will ever make. The energy that it takes to heat, cool and operate our homes account for an estimated 22% of all the energy used in the United States. Unfortunately a lot of energy is wasted because of air leaks in and out of the home, old appliances, inefficient heating and cooling systems, leaky duct systems, excessive water usage and inefficient lighting systems. This waste affects the cost of home ownership and it will continue to increase as the cost of energy grows.

Reducing the energy usage to operate your home is not as easy as sealing up the air leaks or adding insulation. Your house acts as a “system” with all the components of the house interrelated; changes in one of those components may adversely affect the comfort and safety of the indoor living environment. When you decide to improve the energy efficiency of your home it is important to have a certified contractor to measure, calculate, and analyze your home to better understand the way your home works and to recommend the most cost effective approach to meet your goals and achieve a healthy, comfortable, durable, and efficient home.


Tony Weber owner of EverGreen Design-Build has been building high performance homes and additions for over 30 years and is Certified by Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a Professional Building Analyst.

A Home Performance Assessment will consist of the following:

  • Interview and review of utility bills – My interview and visual inspection of the interior and exterior of you home will help identify any problems. By reviewing your utility bills we can establish a base line for your expenses.
  • Mechanical Efficiency and Combustion Safety Testing – When using fossil fuels to heat your home, heat your water and to cook, the by-products of the combustion are water and carbon monoxide. If any of these appliances are running inefficiently they could be contributing to unsafe living conditions. We conduct safety test to ensure that your flues and chimneys are functioning properly and locate gas leaks.
  • Air tightness and ventilation test with a blower door – We use a special designed blower door to simulate the worst case conditions by depressurizing your house, which enables us to identify where air is leaking in and out of your home. We can also determine if you are getting enough ventilation to meet national standards.
  • Envelope inspection and Infrared Imaging – We determine the amount of insulation you have in your walls and ceilings where it is visible. With the assistance of infrared imaging we see weakness in the envelope insulation,  air leaks and potential moisture issues.
  • Home Performance Report – We will provide a detailed report identifying health and safety issues as well as any other problems and provide you with a list of recommendations to help improve the comfort, efficiency, durability, safety and affordability of your home.


The true test of a quality builder is the ability to bring together the needed elements to ensure your home will suit your needs and reflect your lifestyle. These include the finest modern technology; highly skilled craftsman; and precision quality materials. The result is a home that functions as a “system” with all the components acting as one unit and using building science to improve your comfort and reduce your impact on the environment.

EverGreen Design-Build’s  goal is to provide:

  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Insure building durability and sustainability
  • Insure healthy and safe living conditions
  • Improve comfort
Click here to download the pdf brochure about Home Performance.

To learn more about or schedule a Home Performance Assessment call Tony Weber at 712-320-7746.