What is the process for Design-Build?

It is important to know that quality design results in quality construction and the process is the same for new construction and addition/remodels. The design phase is the most important part of the process and will result in fewer changes and construction delays.

    The first step is to gather information about your building site including lot size and location. In the Lakes area, we have nine different jurisdictions regarding zoning ordinances and they are all different and will determine what you can or can’t do, whether you are planning an addition or a new dwelling. We will also discuss what your general ideas and preliminary design information.
    Next, we will meet and review site information and measure existing structure and take photos. If a current lot survey is not available, we will hire a land surveyor to locate the corner pins on your lot which will be needed before requesting any building permits. The land surveyor may need to address low impact development if you are building on one of our lakes. We would then do a detailed interview to determine what your current needs and future needs will be and how we can enhance your lifestyle. Budget information is critical to give you the best design within the anticipated expenditures. We also discuss basic project specification which can be incorporated into the design. Depending on the scope of the project, we may require a Preliminary Design Contract.
    With Design-Build, you are an integral part of the process. Without your input, the plan can’t reflect your lifestyle. I use your information to develop preliminary concept drawings. We also work with zoning ordinances to make sure the project is possible. We will give you a chance to review conceptual drawings.
    Once plans have been reviewed and any changes discussed, we will develop more detailed project specification, review preliminary plans with sub-contractors for their input and design consultation. We can then start to finalize the construction drawings and finalize final construction costs. Construction drawings shall consist of site plans, floor plans of all levels, exterior elevations and mechanical drawings.
    Upon completion of the plans, I will prepare a final cost estimate based on the plans and specifications.
    If plans and cost estimate are approved, I will prepare a Contract Agreement and finalize payment schedule and hire the sub-contractors that will be part of the team to make your project a reality. We use the highest quality of craftsman in the industry and have worked together as a team for years and their standards of quality insure you get the best value for your investment.
    Once the Contract Agreement has been signed, I finalize a detailed construction schedule and we give the crew the go-ahead. As the project progresses, if there are changes you wish to make, I will prepare Contract Change Agreements that will give you the cost change and schedule change.
    My goal is to complete your project on time and within budget and to develop a friendship with you and your family.